Mother Earth Speaks – Waters

The waters are the main focal point since the beginning of my flight into Bogotá. I flew over and saw the beautiful mountains but wonder where all the water is? I step off the plane and the first thing my friend asks me for is a part of the water I carry to combine...

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Raw Exposure

Movement, flying free, arms wild and in the air. Wings expand in perfect symmetry catching the dance of equilibrium. Stomping the feet, vibrations rise A current of electricity reaching towards the heavens This is why one flies free Beauty within being exposed for all...

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The Edge

A path emerges, deep jungle. step by step. Each rock fallen into perfect space. Flowers bloom with the scent of danger, love, delicate promises, on the tip of their lips. Trickling water laps over the stones; as hard surfaces give way to smoothness The Sun’s rays...

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Mt. Shasta — Halloween Style

Star Date Kin 210   White Lunar Dog I polarize in order to love Stabilizing loyalty I seal the process of heart With the lunar tone of challenge I am guided by the power of spirit I am a galactic activation portal enter me   The road to this...

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Lesson of a Solo Wanderer

Lessons on how one shows up in the world. These are what come from days as yesterday. Learning how I react when put into positions different than my desires, although the way is chosen and its fortuitous. I ended where I was going, but not as I wanted to go....

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Divine Masculine – PEX Summer Festival 2015

Every year since 2013 a team of us create a space at PEX Summer Festival where divinity, openness, love, and beauty co-exist. In the past years our altars were dedications to the 4 elements, nature, and dream catchers using handmade art, art from the Smithsonian,...

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