What Did You Learn About Yourself Today?

What Did You Learn About Yourself Today?

What did I learn about myself today?
I randomly asked myself this evening after a day full of precarious emotions. I notice that I am impervious to the changes of my emotion. I wonder if I really change that often or am I just so aware of the slightest change that I live in dualities. Chalk it up to being observant. I wander around a significant amount of the time observing and taking in the abundance of life swirling around my body. I look wide-eyed and mystified at the world above, below, and around creating enchanting thoughts and beautiful day dreams.

I live for the daydreams.

I live within the daydreams.

I am the daydream.

Times of fancy and whimsy, dancing and turning. The world buzzing by in colors melted reminding me of crayons blending in the oven creating a mega-crayon full of possibility. The promise of a creation that creates a rainbow smiling in the sun. Upside down rainbows. “Nothing like being upside down to help you feel right side up,” I always say.
I learned today whimsy and joy creates my attachment. What is yours?