Autumn Metamorphosis

Autumn Metamorphosis

Autumn Metamorphosis

     by: April Rameé

Leaves change and fall

Hearts break and split

People lose hope

As the weather turns from sunshine to rain

Those we love break down and die

With the autumn changes

Tears flow and memories of summer fade

The bittersweet beauty of autumn

Rings hard in the collective unconsciousness

Calling us to reflection

Cementing truths unbreakable

Impermanence rains supreme

Bow down to nature

For no matter where you are

Concrete jungle to remote landscapes

You are one with Mother Earth


Change is all around. Echoing loud and demanding our attention and my sensitive heart is picking up on the  metamorphosis. The changes for me this  autumn are demanding and dragging my soul through the depths of deep still water. The large beast is gliding through the waters deeper than I knew existed. I consider myself a deep-sea diver of emotions but when the smallest air bubble makes it to the surface of my still soul, I take notice. Some how my still lake has a waterfall. Bubbles rushing to the surface create agitation and rapids form. Reaching to the peak the tears rush to the surface and flow as strong as Angel Falls, the fluid tears only  angels manifest. Releasing energy strong enough to power a nation for countless years. Only the deep water within has the ability to carve into my mountainous dreams, body, and all earthly desires. I hear your scream Mother Earth! I am here to serve. I give up my dreams and surrender to the overwhelming call of your siren. Take me gently into your arms as I discover the beast deep within. Mother Earth, together we can guide the beast over the falls. Falling silently cradled in the sweet deathly demise winter invokes with coldness and death, freezing water, and restoring stillness to my heart.