Sweat of Benevolence

Sweat of Benevolence

[pullquote position=”center”]”Be still and let the higher energies infuse and reorganize you with the supreme benevolence of galactic consciousness. “[/pullquote]

Art by: Aaron Paquette

Art by: Aaron Paquette

Driving into the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania with my dear friends Lina and Elan, we make our way to Birdsong. Here we share our time together to sweat in ceremony. I think of my two dear friends as support for my journey into my soul. What a beautiful life I live to spend great time with two beautiful souls in prayer and union with the earth. Gladly surrendering my thoughts, ego, and expectations we walk into the womb. Giving my blessings and prayers to each of the four directions.


EAST –diversity & union [mental]

SOUTH – polarity [emotions]

WEST – healing ancestry [transformation]

NORTH – spirit [vision]

Each round represents a direction starting with the east. As each person chimes in their public, personalized prayer, which in most cases can be personal for anyone and for everyone, we respond in ‘Aho and the water touches the grandfathers and grandmother stones. Listening to the crackle and hiss of the water quickly turning into steam, penetrating into the womb creating a warmth more sacred than your run of the mill sauna. I quickly feel the steam touch my forehead and trickle down my body. Each part of my body hair starting to stick to my sweet skin. The first round went very quickly for me, the heat not effecting me too much. Each time I cross my legs I feel the coolness of the day on my body and providing comfort in the intensifying heat.


After each round the door to the womb opens to let in some of the outdoor air and more sacred rocks from the fire into  the pile. Burning another sacred herb on the rocks. The herbs setting a blaze from the heat of the stones, bringing in a new scent. Tickling the nose hairs and penetrating my lungs making me feel calm and at peace. Lavender and cedar being my favorite scents out of the four.


During the third round the intensity of the heat began taking effect on everyone. Some people laid on the ground, but putting a towel over my head and lowering my head in between my legs gave respite. After the third round we were surprisingly let out of the womb. I definitely felt the heat and relished in the short stay outside. The sun was shining bright and the feeling of lightness hugs my spirit. No one really spoke. Drinking water and laying on the grass, the same grass that was too cold to step on barefoot before I began, felt like heaven. Relaxing, surrendering to the ground for a short moment and straight back into the womb. I didn’t stay out too long and let the cold have at my body again because I love the heat.


The final round all the remaining ancestor rocks are brought into the center as sweet cedar  burned. Every one piled back into the womb and the water started hissing against the stones creating an intense steam. This round is open for all prayers together, some out loud and others silently. I didn’t really pray, as I spoke my prayers during the east and the west directions. I listened to others speak, one word from one person adding to the word of another, each creating a collective prayer in my mind. I sat in silence, no thoughts, listening, allowing the prayers to course through my veins. The water was non- stop, just hiss, hiss, hiss. The steam hit my head and my teeth and a deep chill went through my body. This chill of a collective prayer, my teeth being so sensitive to the heat that my bones started to chill and then warm up again. I never felt so cold in my life while being hot. I realize that this deep coldness is within my body and for the first time I feel the outside layer of my bones warm up, the bone marrow become warmer. This must be pure warmth from the inside out.  Pure elation and flying high from the collective prayer and heat the round ends and I give my respect to the fire. As the womb opens up and every one empties out, I stay. I don’t want to leave. I want to sweat and sweat and sweat until the warmth hit the inner core of my bones.


I finally left the womb, bowing respect to the fire and respect to the earth for allowing me the opportunity to lay on this land and feel the warmth that Earth gives each and every one of us every day of our lives. Walking into the sun I experience bright light and lay on the grass feeling the breeze come over each follicle of hair. Caressing my body into a sweet deep meditation.  Feeling the heat escape, but never really. The heat this day reached my soul. I feel a deep connection to my ancestors and vow that my search is not over. My search to understand the native american spirit that drives me to live my life in pure love and compassion. This connection to the earth I felt from the day I was born and pushed out my mothers womb. Today I feel what it may felt like to leave a womb of warmth and protection into the beautiful protection of the earth. We are never left alone, the earth cradles us like an eternal mother giving hopes, sacrifices,  and unconditional love to her beautiful children. Cherish the earth, cherish this mother, cherish your spirit and soul for this shows the mother that you respect the gifts bestowed upon each and every one of us.


In my reflection, I notice that every time someone prays I relate, or feel a tightness in my throat. Why does this happen to me? I left this experience noticing any time I feel any emotion it goes straight to my throat. My throat closes as if to stop the tears or the breath from escaping although more times than not, the tears still flow freely. Almost like my emotions are held in the heart and are aching to be released through the voice. What do I say? How do I release this energy? I am thinking this is a journey for me to embark upon. I can’t help but think about what my sound healing instructor said about our crystal bowls. Each chakra bowl contains the potential to sing but not at your hand. At the time I learned my sound healing lessons, I was unable to make the throat chakra bowls sing. The heart chakra on the other hand chose to sing for me so beautifully it choose me. I learned how to sing and tune my voice to this beautiful bowl and it broke on January 1st. My heart was aching and broke internally and metaphorically.  Part of me hopes that this time when I get a new bowl it will be the the throat chakra. I want to learn the lesson of how to open my throat and let out the emotion with words, not only through writing but through the voice. I am ready to sing! I am ready to be heard. I am ready for the love, emotions, and pure energy I feel in my heart to be voice into the world. I am ready for the collective prayers to be bestowed on the world.


In pure energy, love, light, compassion, and deep grattitude to Mother Earth I bow.



What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

New mix from Hugo Zapata and Juan Zapata of Team Zapata.


I always enjoy the music they create and wanted to share this fun song for you to dance to 🙂


[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/75043159″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Expression Through Art

Expression Through Art

“Give your brain as much attention as you do your hair and you’ll be a thousand times better off.” ~Malcom X


Barbara Kruger

Ai Wei Wei



Two amazing artists I saw today at the Hishhorn.

Walking through the letters red black and white bold blocks. Words align to your height.

Looking UP.

Looking Down.




Powerful choice of few words echoing loud, synapse fire:Brain activate.  “Don’t look down on anyone.” ~Kruger

Photo Copyright: April Rameé Art by: Ai Wei Wei

Photo Copyright: April Rameé
Art by: Ai Wei Wei


Driving home looking at trash and observing the locations, how trash is disposed, and where trash is seen. Finding ideas and beauty of how to make use of such trash. Ai Wei Wei officially opened my eyes to making use of our trash. Making use of my spirit and making use of my voice.

Use of our voice. That is the point of these two artists.


“Believe anything. Forget everything. Belief + Doubt = Sanity.” ~Kruger

Now that is a mathematical equation I can stand behind.






Photo by: Frances

Art by Ai Wei Wei
Photo by: Frances




Oh and this beautiful box of glittering gold! Can I say a new headboard? Thank you Frances (talk about an amazing voice!) for the image. Way better than the image I took.











Expressing through the art I know,

April Rameé