“Give your brain as much attention as you do your hair and you’ll be a thousand times better off.” ~Malcom X


Barbara Kruger

Ai Wei Wei



Two amazing artists I saw today at the Hishhorn.

Walking through the letters red black and white bold blocks. Words align to your height.

Looking UP.

Looking Down.




Powerful choice of few words echoing loud, synapse fire:Brain activate.  “Don’t look down on anyone.” ~Kruger

Photo Copyright: April Rameé Art by: Ai Wei Wei

Photo Copyright: April Rameé
Art by: Ai Wei Wei


Driving home looking at trash and observing the locations, how trash is disposed, and where trash is seen. Finding ideas and beauty of how to make use of such trash. Ai Wei Wei officially opened my eyes to making use of our trash. Making use of my spirit and making use of my voice.

Use of our voice. That is the point of these two artists.


“Believe anything. Forget everything. Belief + Doubt = Sanity.” ~Kruger

Now that is a mathematical equation I can stand behind.






Photo by: Frances

Art by Ai Wei Wei
Photo by: Frances




Oh and this beautiful box of glittering gold! Can I say a new headboard? Thank you Frances (talk about an amazing voice!) for the image. Way better than the image I took.











Expressing through the art I know,

April Rameé