While visiting the land of my ancestors in northern Georgia in late October, I learned about the Cherokee War Woman. The Cherokee is a matriarchal society were children took on the last name of the woman, the women were equal to men, owned all the possessions, and more. There is a certain type of Cherokee woman, the War Woman, who sits in tribal council, makes decisions on war, and also fights alongside her fellow warriors. This war woman is beyond inspiring and feels natural to me to understand her spirit. I also discovered a book that changed my life in the sweet mountains of Georgia, Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho. Around the fire during the full moon, lunar eclipse I wrote the following poem for all the warriors out there, men and woman, howled at the moon, and gave this poem to the fire.


Warrior, War Woman

Howl at the Moon.

Warrior of the light,

Us war women are.

Forgive and let go.

Let go of the past, present, and future.

How can we run with fierce perception and focus into the task, purpose

with pure love if the rock of time holds down the shoulders of strength?

Warrior, War Woman.

Shine your light bright.

Warrior of the light,

Us war women are.

Catch and carry the moon bow.

How else can we love with indifference, independence

love the highest within our brother and sisters

if the innocence, elusiveness of the moon is not harnessed into the weapon of the light,

by the warrior.

Warrior of the light.

~April Rameé

War Woman

War Woman