Three days dedicated in prayer, focus, and intention on a vision I had months ago during my last last vision quest. I saw myself as a fire keeper, tending the fire, hauling fire wood, splitting wood, and creating a space of sacred prayer through the purification of the flames. The vision included others around the fire releasing their prayers, the Sacred Seeds Portal, and wholistic integration of ancient wisdom with herbal medicine.

This vision is now fueled by a prayer of a new Native American inspired smudge fan. Prayer fans are used to smudge with cedar, sage, sweetgrass, copal, and many another beautiful cleansing scents. The fan is used to infuse every day with prayer and has healing powers to dispatch a prayer into the heavens and draw the healing power from the sky.

In this moment I am drawing down the vision of continuing my learning and study on being a fire keepers. I know so little but have learned so much from the fire since a little girl tending fire in my house. I learned how to build a fire by the time I was 7years old. Every day and night in winter it was part of my task to keep the fire burning in my home and now I am returning to this vision.

Photo of  Native Prayer Fan by April Rameé

In my current studies, I have learned the importance of having a fire fan to fan the flames. I look forward to fanning many fires with this new tool I made out of geese feathers and parrot feathers all that were gifted to me from my community who supports me more than I could ever imagine. The geese represents community and the family unit, making them a priority with a vision and the parrot represents understanding all sides of life and being a good mediator. I think these are good traits for a community fire keeper of purification.

We are all built upon our ancestors and the company we keep. Look around and take a moment to give gratitude for those who support you, your ancestors who worked hard to make sure you are here, and for the earth who gives so many gifts for free, asking only in return that you remember their power.

Here is to the expanding knowledge of the fire I have tended within my heart, performing with fire, and for the community since I can remember. Here is to returning to the learning with a beginners mind, humble, and reverent to the element of fire.

Fire Performance ~ Mad Momo’s

Fire Performance ~ Mad Momo’s

Deep gratitude for Mad Momo’s for hosting the Dance A Fire shows showcasing amazing fire performance talent in DC. This is a dream and blessing to perform within my home city, DC. Joy is radiating from my heart from the friends that came out to support.


I danced to the following three songs:

Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G (17th year anniversary of his death)  — Fire Hoop

Smokey Taboo- Coco Rosie   — Fire Fans

Talk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz) – Jason Derulo   — Fire Hoop

You can check out the Spotify play list here.



Here are photos from the great Devon Rowland Photography