Pity party 

Pity party 

It’s ok to have a pity party sometimes. In my world I find it quite acceptable to take a moment, evaluate pain, and cry. I love the release, the emotion the pure truth. I face the hurt and pain from others. Let’s be real, it is mostly inflicted upon myself from expectations I do not realize where there until the moment arises – a moment of truth…this is really how I feel? Wow! Who knew?


I thank the opportunity to explore the emotions, take time, and reflect. I come to the same conclusion every time…LOVE. What else is there to do in this lifetime? I really haven’t found a better way.

Thank you for the pain, thank you for the love.


I am Love Project – Baltimore

I am Love Project – Baltimore

Whoa! Sometimes I look at my life and wonder…how did I get so blessed? I try not to spend too much time doubting why and more time on giving thanks for the opportunities, adventures, and love I receive.

Today strapped with my bestie Philly we headed to Baltimore to give out infinite love during the St. Paddy’s Parade. Thank you to Johnny and Sarah of Proper Playground for always creating events that make the world a better place. This work is so aligned with all that I view to be important in the world.


NEXT INSTALLATION OF I AM LOVE PROJECT IS ON APRIL 12th in DC 🙂 Contact me if you want to be apart of the movement in any city.

Jeremy Opio made this beautiful video of the day on YouTube 🙂


The following are images from the day from Theresa and Larry of TLC Baltimore:


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