Deer Tales

Deer Tales




A Story of Animal Spirits


A Deer is an animal of love, tenderness, and swiftness. There is an old story about the animal kingdom wanting to get into heaven to see the Almighty God. At a council meeting all the animals stood up to tell why they would be the most appropriate one to get to the kingdom of God. The Bear stood up and said, “I, Bear, who is the strongest bravest creature will go to see the Creator.” Upon the road to the Creator stood a big, nasty, monster. The bear took one look and ran back to the animal kingdom to tell of the nasty, monster. The Eagle Screeched, “I will fly over the monster to get to see the Creator.” Off went the eagle. He flew higher and higher and got closer to the kingdom of the Creator than any other animal before. He started to screech a prayer. “Almighty Great Creator, I so would like to see You.” The Almighty Creator said, “It is true you are the best at reaching high enough to talk to me, but a messenger is all you will be. Tell the rest of the animals that they have to go through the red road of truth to find me.” The eagle said to The Almighty Creator,” But there is a monster in the way, how can we cross? The Almighty said no further. The eagle went back and told all the animals of what the Almighty had said to him and all the animals started to fight and argue. The Deer hearing such a roar jumped so high he landed right in front of the nasty monster. The deer looked into the eyes of the monster and stared. The monster looked deep into the deer’s eyes and saw love, warmth and tenderness and upon seeing that the monster melted away. And so the deer was the first to go through the red road of truth to see the Almighty.





Lately deer have been showing up to me all over the place. I noticed this trend in July because on my way home from PEX Summer Festival I drove by not one but three deer at different times in the whole trip. The number three holds a special significance for me and I take notice when events/synchronicities happen in threes, especially in one day. The most amazing part about this was I already knew subconsciously that I was coming upon a deer without seeing it and started to slow down when I was driving. It was almost as if I could sense they were there. Low and behold I would go cautiously through a part of the road and there would be a deer. I am sure if you have seen a deer you know the way their eyes reflect that silver, black, deep mystic understanding of something much more. I am always in awe of their beauty, grace, and just ability to be able to stare straight into my soul. The following week when driving around my home I noticed another deer deep within the brush gracefully just enjoying their night eating staring at me when I pass as if looking deep into my eye it can tell my constitution, if I am a threat, or if they can continue on  peacefully with their activity. The culmination of these deer sightings that solidified they are of importance in my life occurred one foggy, beautiful, bright sun shining morning. I take the train to DC every morning to get to my job. The sun at this time in nature is rising just before I get to the train station. There is this amazing marsh like small ecosystem with a pond/lake, frogs, marsh grass, and tons of pelicans or other birds diving into the shallow waters for morning treats right across the train tracks from the platform I stand upon. Each morning while I am standing waiting for the train I give a moment of notice to the rising sun in the east and then look north at the marsh, grounding deep within the soles of my feet I practice perfecting  tadasana (mountain pose). This morning I noticed the deep green brush move and out from behind a mother deer followed by her fawn gracefully take one step after another surveying the land. I stand in tadasana giving respect to Pachamama for providing another beautiful morning and stare at the deer. The mother deer stares back at me and acknowledges my existence. At the same moment we both here the faint high pitched screech of the train coming across the train tracks about half a mile away, knowing I only have a couple more minutes to see the deer, I bow with respect and they disappear ever so swiftly into the bushes. THAT’S IT! In this moment I realize this is an animal that has been talking to me all my life. I start to run through all the memories I have had of deer throughout my life. The treks up mountain sides with my father when I was younger where I got so close to a deer I could reach out and touch it if I dared, all the times I have sensed deer on the side of the road before they were there, that ill-fitting night when that deer stared at me across the road and jumped in front of my car committing what I believe to be suicide at this point in my life where I committed social suicide of my old social habits culminating in this 4 year journey of discovery. A journey that is not over but has reached a point of where I met all the goals I set out to accomplish at that time.


I spoke to an elder that I value and trust Keeper of Stories about my new found understanding of deer and the relation they have in my life. I feel as though they are guiding me and there is something about their essence that I am supposed to remember and realize that is part of me. Keeper of Stories spoke to me of their importance in the Native American culture and how they are swift, beautiful, loving, grasp all their surroundings, and know when they are going to die. All these qualities I feel express part of who I am. I am finally waking up and listening to your voice, thank you deer for all that you have been showing me and now that I hear you I am feeling more secure and sure in my footing.


Here is a list of Deer Wisdom from


Deer/Hart’s Wisdom Includes:

·         Gentleness in word, thought, and touch

·         Ability to listen

·         Grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance

·         Understanding of what’s necessary for survival

·         Power of gratitude and giving

·         Ability to sacrifice for the higher good

·         Connection to the woodland goddess

·         Alternative paths to a goal



Leaping gracefully into each challenge with love,



Sunrise at the Train Photo by: April Rameé

Sunrise at the Train Photo by: April Rameé


Today is:


Magnetic Moon Dali 22

Kin 80 Yellow Lunar Sun

I Polarize in order to Enlighten

Stabilizing Life

I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire

With the Lunar tone of Challenge.

I am guided by the power of Free Will.