Raw Exposure

Raw Exposure

Movement, flying free, arms wild and in the air.

Wings expand in perfect symmetry catching the dance of equilibrium.

Stomping the feet, vibrations rise

A current of electricity reaching towards the heavens

This is why one flies free

Beauty within being exposed for all to see

Many believe the wanderer goes far to seek to find something

Searching is not the purpose



Giving oneself over to the infinite possibilities

Limitless boundaries

Breaking over invisible lines

Allowing oneself to be true north

Motion creates art of expressions

Forces the brain and heart to reconcile

Deepens internal understanding and practice

Sharing the way to live in this world without rules

Rules that are made up by society

Rules that do not follow the code of compassion

Unconditional love without limits

Letting go of the fear and falling into the abyss of joy

There is no end to the path of light

Live within the void of the golden light


“When you were born you cried,

and the world rejoiced.

Live your life so that when you die

The world cries and you rejoice”

The Edge

The Edge

A path emerges,

deep jungle.

step by step.

Each rock fallen into perfect space.

Flowers bloom with the scent of

danger, love, delicate promises, on the tip of their lips.

Trickling water laps over the stones;

as hard surfaces give way to smoothness

The Sun’s rays split emerald canopies, offering rainbows in water drops.

Down this path…

Wounds, sorrow, and guilt,

shed as the beauty and harmony of mother earth demands your agony abandoned at her doorstep.

Heavy baggage burns in the fire of purification.

A scorching flame found within the heart.

Blazing naked, one arrives to the edge.

Gazing out into passionate expansiveness, a point of suspension.

The limitless feeling, the void, and adrenaline all mingled into an expression of




Penetration from Within

Penetration from Within

Stagnation leads to penetration;
of the mind body and soul.
Orgasmic findings from deep within
have opened my heart and tingled my skin.
I urn and long for the touch of mental stimulation
Igniting the fire inside that is ready to burn
I feel the heat escaping from each and every pore
without hesitation and without remorse.
My personal sauna emitting energy & light
full of possiblities and full of flight.
Weightless, hot, and fulfilled
I smile bright and bathe in the sun.
The unforgiving warm energy ready to share
Only with me and those willing to reach far into the depths
beyond the physical and beyond the mundane
Thriving and thumping on the natural rhythms of life
Unapologetic and full with promise of love eternal.

420 Spring Poem

420 Spring Poem

Birds sing spring’s song of life

As the trees kundalini rises manifesting blooming buds.

Promising sweet abundant openings.

Flowers inoculate the senses.

Awakening body chemistry,

crystalizing messages meant for we.

Ancient lessons on living in harmony.

The sweetness of it all brings tears to the eyes, like rain drops–

fall to cleanse the earth.



Past life, this life, the lives.

Present is the past incarnated in the future.

Future is the present incarnated in the past.

Past is the future incarnated in the present.

Now. Then. When.

Karma ebbs and flows.

Move with the tide.

Synchronistic ride.

More than fate or destiny.

~April Rameé


This poem is inspired by the Goddess card I pulled this morning, Isis. Isis represents past lives according to the card deck. I find it interesting as I journey to NY to practice with Dharma Mittra to reflect upon my life. I think life is a great remembering of the past and who I am. There are moments along the path that I consider a great awakening to the true nature within myself. These past parts of who I was that create who I am. These future ideals that shape the present moment of what I choose and who I become.


This is a draft. I am sure there is more to add at a later date.



Heart in-A-blaze

Heart in-A-blaze

Today we set fire to you.

Yes you!

The heart that is cracked, broken.

We lit a fire into your dead pungent remains.

Burned down our regrets.

Purified the soul.

Honored the sacred directions.

Bowed to the full moon goddess of receptivity.

Yes today we set-a-blaze to the heart and sent it out into the river to flow into the infinite sea.

There you can be reborn.

Mother Earth carries your true purpose back into our hearts.

~April Rameé


crystal bowlA year ago on New Years Day my heart broke in a way I have never felt. I lost hope in love, pushed out into sea with no help, stranded, scared, and lost. Synchronistic events led to the physical representation of the heart through my crystal bowl to be broken as well. A crystal bowl I played representing the heart chakra, beautifully tuned, also cracked and no longer sang as if the bowl felt my pain and my heart fall into the abbess.

Finally, after a year, I offered the cracked heart chakra bowl into the river at Rock Creek. Under the full moon we head out through freshly fallen snow, guided by the light of the full Moon Goddess. In a circle of ceremony with dear friends, Mayrose, Anjanaye, Amber, Philly, and Aqeel, we set on fire our pain, let go of the past year, ready to move forward with love full in our hearts. We watched the fire burn within that broken bowl. I watched the letter I wrote to the past consumed by flames. Full moon shined down into our circle. The hands of the Moon wrapped around our hearts, pulling out the discarded sections. We offered the physical representation of the heart to the river in DC, returning crystal to Mother Earth. Into the womb of the all powerful. Mother Earth guides the broken love and transforms the pain, washed and cleansed by the river to flow through the heart of DC.


Let our act of letting go and mending be reflected into the city of DC and lend a healing hand to all beings. May the intentions flow to the sea, evaporate into the air and rained down throughout the world.

I love you. I love you all. Thank you.