Power Words –2014

Power Words –2014

I am home. The same but changed. Expanded into a new realm. Heart mended. Ready. READY. READY!!!!!


Here I stand in this truth at the moment. Poised, planted, prepared.


Inspired by Burning Man, Bhakti Fest, Peru, Georgia, Australia, New Zealand, Unconditional Love, PURPOSE….


An image I believe embodies the power words.

An image I believe embodies the power words.

After deep reflection and meditation I chose 4 power words to guide me through this year – 2014:











Inspired by Fransceca Cuervo, I choose to live by these words rather than create new years resolutions or goals. The year folds into harmonic reverence guided by the four words.


See you in the fold.



Woodford Blessings

Woodford Blessings

Nestled between your arm and the arm of Pachamama.

Tickling breeze

passes through curly waves

of ocean and sand.

Creating music, poetry, dance together,

our dreams become reality.

Manifestation of the divine.

Life to live – – yours and mine – – intertwined.

Vintage as fine wine.


~April Rameé