The Magic Reishi Mushroom

The Magic Reishi Mushroom

Driving up the coast of the Pacific Northwest we venture off into Washington state by way of the mountains, with one goal in mind…take the ferry to Orcas Island! The ferry ride was amazing with binoculars looking out I see the vast expanse of the Pacific Northwest. On the ferry we made plans to find an Eagle Feather, have a private sound healing with Tom Kenyon (which didn’t happen but we drove around hoping to find his abode 😉 and overall seeing the magical forests of this land we have only heard about but never visited.

Photo by Pedro Gil Rosas

Arriving onto the island is like stepping into a pristine old cedar forest, the trees are humming and the forest is alive with fairies and magical beings. On our way to a hike in the forest a large bald Eagle flies right over our car so close I could almost put my hand out and touch the wings. The majestic being graced our time on the island.Deep in the forest I give thanks for being there by playing the flute and of course find my way off the path, but not stepping on any special plants, I see a large shelfmushroom waiting there to be harvested! I sat with the dead tree and themushroom, playing music and asking if it is okay if I can harvest the mushroom. I am granted with a yes!

The picture with the mushroom and the flute above is the large beauty I was able to bring home to create into this special medicine I have to offer.

Before I left I was able to sit at the base of the largest cedar tree I have ever seen on a perfect throne created by a fallen sister cedar tree. In this space I looked up and gave thanks for all that the Earth offers in so much abundance. There is so much abundance in the Earth and I personally think that those in power want to make us think there is a lack, but if you really walk this Earth you will see only abundance.

Photo by Pedro Gil Rosas


Reishi Mushroom is great for longevity and is known as the king of mushrooms in the east. This is accomplished by boosting the health of the immune system and preventing certain abnormal blood vessel formations. Certain antioxidant properties of other organic compounds in reishi mushrooms neutralize free radicals, which can cause chronic diseases and premature aging. Reishi mushrooms have the ability to prevent cancerous tumor growth by the active ingredients can seek out and neutralize cancerous cells within the body. Reduces inflammation, heals headaches, asthma, bronchitis, and other chronic respiratory conditions.Reishi mushrooms have been proven to improve the efficiency of blood flow to the heart and lower blood pressure and certain elements of reishi mushroom can reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in your system, further protecting you from strokes and heart attacks.

In addition to lengthening life, traditional medicine also suggested reishi for energy-boosting. As we age, our energy levels do tend to drop, but adding a boost of life and spirit in our golden years would be wonderful. Try reishi mushroom extract and see for yourself!


On the solar eclipse in 2017 I prepared the mushroom to sit in the 190proof organic sugar cane alcohol to pull out the constituents of medicine of the plant that is soluble within alcohol. After sitting for four months, receiving prayers and daily shakes, the medicine was pressed on the Full Moon on June 9, 2017. Then I spent all day on the full moon cooking the mushrooms in water to pull out the water soluble polysaccharides and other delicious medicinal constituents. Then they were combined to make this beautiful double extracted medicine.

Check out the picture below, at the 1/2oz and 2oz bottle sizes for sale in the store online today! 

In your humble service,

April Rameé
Founder of Antler Alchemy

Perfectly Imperfect Perfection

Perfectly Imperfect Perfection

Perfectly Imperfect Perfection

We could wait to have everything perfect or we can just start.

I have finally put together my mailing list and sending out the first newsletter. This has taken me over three years to accomplish, mostly out of a fear that I must have a perfect newsletter the first time.

Do you find yourself not doing something because you want to be viewed asperfect and having it all together?

I am taking my lead from Mother Nature and my guru Dharma Mittra…ALL ISPERFECT! There is nothing more we have to do than show up and be our true selves.

This year I chose the word dedication as my theme. Each year I choose a word or two to live by rather than resolutions and promises of doing something in particular. This way I am living my life and learning what that word really means through my actions, lessons, and choices. Dedication is teaching me that if I want to be dedicated to what I am most passionate about in life, perfection is not the goal.

The meaning of the word dedicate goes something like this according to

“the giving of oneself to some purpose”

That seems about right. Giving whole-heartedly our passionate selves for a higher purpose. This is perfection without judgment.

Here I am starting my newsletter, beginning my writing again as the last time I wrote something longer than an Instagram or Facebook post, was in 2016 when I received this message from Mother Earth. I am not sure if this is “supposed” to be in a blog, or if my newsletter is different that the blog, or if I am “supposed” to put this on Instagram or Facebook, hell I think I am going to go with all of the above! All I know is that it is time to stop being “perfect” and continue being dedicated.

I personally want to say thank you for supporting Antler Alchemy anytime over the past three years. By supporting your desire for connecting to the plants, you have supported me in my passion of sharing the messages of the plants. I am doing nothing more than reawakening YOU to the knowledge that is within yourself for we are all connected to earth.

Dedicate yourself to some classes offered by yours truly. Below are all the beautiful flyers and offerings for you.

Dedicated to Earth,
April Rameé
Founder of Antler Alchemy